Time to Get Creative!

By January 6, 2021Uncategorized

OK – so clearly 2020 wasn’t stellar by any means; however, one thing is certain… people are getting creative! Whether it’s creative ways to pass time, creative ways to approach tasks or creative ways to tackle major life changes, YES… creativity is key! What do we mean by creativity? While we love the arts, we are really referencing thinking differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective.

After COVID hit in March, many of us went through a variety of stages before getting to a point of acceptance… disbelief, denial and fear were at the forefront. But after the initial acceptance phase, we began to realize that this was not going away quickly and so we could sit in despair or get creative. And while some of our options were still way out of our comfort zone, it became clear that having an option was better than none at all.

So how do we carry that approach into the future? One simple statement… “Do something different.” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result… and quite frankly, we’re all for avoiding insanity! By looking at whatever is in front of us – the task at hand, the goal, an attitude – assessing our “norm” and then looking at how we can “do something different”, we are getting creative and pressing into the “C” word… CHANGE. Yes, we’ve written about change before and will continue to do so because without it, there is no growth. And no growth means we’re stagnant. And stagnant means stuck. And stuck is… well… stuck.

The COVID-filled world is filled with fear and restraints. Do something different…. Yes, mask up and be safe. But don’t allow the fear to shackle your dreams and goals for the year. We are seeing so many clients get creative and turn the challenges into opportunities for their families. New homes, new dreams, new area, new beginnings. Making moments count… not tomorrow or whenever this current crisis passes. Right now. This very moment.

Time to get creative and see where it takes you.