The Importance of Staging Your Home

Hello everyone! Debbie Cort here with Charles Sampson’s real estate group of Charter One realty, writing about the importance of staging.

If you’re interested in selling your home, it’s super important to get your house ready for the folks that will be coming through and trying to envision it as their own. It’s so important to declutter, depersonalize the house in a way where you don’t necessarily need to bring in a lot of things from the outside.  It’s best to relocate some of the things that are already in your home to help showcase the functionality of the space, and help people envision the best use of the space in your home.

We did this recently with a house in Pine Ridge, and the property sold in one day! So it really is a testimony to the fact that the work and heavy lifting up front will get you a quick close and great results very quickly.

So again, staging is something to consider if you’re interested in selling your home. If you’re selling or buying property in Hilton Head or Bluffton, check us out online at We’re happy to come by and give you an evaluation and guide you through the steps so you can also experience a quick sale of your property.