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Villa | Condo | Townhouse

For those that are looking for low-maintenance, turnkey lifestyle options, there are many complexes in the Hilton Head/Bluffton area that offer villas, condos and townhouses!

Where O Where Can They Be?

You’ll find villas and townhouse in Plantations and outside of Plantations.  Remember that if you are looking within a Plantation or certain Communities, there will be annual POA dues PLUS a monthly regime fee.  If they are located in their own complex, just the monthly regime fee applies.

Regime Fees

Regime fees (the term “regime” being a more southern term for condo association dues) are the community association costs and can include maintenance of the common areas and amenities in addition to the the exterior of the units.  They can also cover exterior insurance, pest control, trash removal, etc.  As each complex differs in their monthly fees, so do what they include.  We can provide you with all of those details so you have a clear picture of your monthly costs.

A Reminder About Taxes:

  • If your property will be your primary residence, your tax bill will be less.  For an easy way to estimate your tax responsibility, multiply the purchase price by .5% if you will be living here year-round and if this will be your second home, multiply the purchase price by 1.5%.>

Financing Tip:

  • Most lenders will require a 25% deposit on a villa/condo/townhouse.

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