It’s All About the Lot!

So about a month ago, a client of ours purchased a home in Hilton Head Plantation that needed a little love.  The home has great space, a really nice layout and flow, master bedroom downstairs and even walk-in storage space upstairs (if I don’t have to pull down a staircase from an attic, I’m plenty happy).

Backup to early spring, I was the Realtor assigned to this home on the Open House Tour and everyone’s reaction was pretty much the same… a wide-eyed, nod of approval as they entered and saw the lagoon view, a scrunched nose and audible “ugh” as they rounded the corner into the kitchen to see the oh-so-dated wallpaper and a little smirk as they navigated the path through the sunken living room (a cocktail party liability).  “But this lot…” they would comment with a pining tone in their voice.  The lot.  Something that can’t be updated, renovated or repainted… it is the blessed piece of land that can make or break a purchase decision.

Much like the platter on which the Thanksgiving turkey is served, the lot can turn a “meh” home into a “wow”.  And it can turn an amazing home into something unforgettable.  This lot at 15 Fox Den is that lot.  Set within Hilton Head Plantation, this hallowed piece of ground is situated at the end of a peaceful street with privacy on three sides and a lagoon view.  It is such a special parcel that back in the day, the original developer of Hilton Head Plantation hand-picked it as his own.

15 Fox Den Map

And as I type, the 4 bedroom, 2,500+ square foot home on this amazing piece of property is being given a huge hug… ceilings have been scraped, new flooring selected, that sunken living room floor is no longer a liability and yes, the wallpaper in the kitchen is already gone.  It will truly be something special and we can’t wait to share it with you.  It awaits its new owner who is looking for peace, privacy and something unique in a beautiful plantation with incredible amenities (including a new $2.2 MM lazy river pool).  Yes, the house will be special too but it’s all about the lot.


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