Investing in the Future

By August 23, 2016Uncategorized

Investment… for some, this word still conjures up a queasiness in the center of their being; a reaction to a financial wound that may still be healing.  For others, it’s a new confidence… an openness and availability to opportunity. An acknowledgment of the financial fallout but a refusal to be held prisoner by the fears of yesterday as one observes the undeniable uptick seen in the market.

We’d have to say in the last six months, when it comes to our clients, we have definitely seen more of the latter. From locals who keep a watchful eye on the market to visitors who can’t deny the unique character of the area, we hear it nearly every day… “we’re interested in an investment property.”

Now mind you… we are not financial planners. We don’t guarantee a return but with the help of a simple calculator, the math is pretty easy.  Start with interest rates that are still ridiculously low, add in the HOA and/or regime fees, taxes, insurance and with a little help from a rental management company or a website like VRBO, you can quickly see that a property on Hilton Head can pay for itself while appreciating in value. Of course, there are additional expenses to keep in mind including accommodations tax, housekeeping fees, maintenance, etc. but working through the purchase scenario with your accountant can quickly show that there are stellar opportunities on this island ranked #1 in the Continental United States by Travel & Leisure Magazine. A world-class resort destination, a semi-tropical climate, amazing beaches, arts/culture, golf, tennis, biking, restaurants… it’s all a part of the magnetic charisma we call home.

And you don’t need deep pockets to stake your claim… villa complexes start from 1-bedroom oceanfront complexes in the low $100K’s on up, and there are plenty of single-family, beach-oriented home options as well.  Gated, non-gated, various regime fees, some with POA’s, some without, amenities, lender-friendly complexes… we can help you navigate through the options to hone in on just the right piece of paradise for your portfolio.

Investment. An exciting word… an exciting area… an exciting future.