On the eve of a journey down to Florida to help my Mom & Stepdad move into an assisted living facility, I can’t help but think about change. Not just in personal situations but how much of it we deal with in our daily lives as Realtors. Change is hard. It moves us out of our comfort zone and even if our comfort zone isn’t all that comfortable, it is still hard. We fight it; often for much longer than necessary, and through the process, we are generally wrapped up in emotions that keep our stomachs in knots until an undetermined period of time passes and we are once again in some sort of zone of comfort.

Change comes at us in different ways… sometimes we willingly seek it out, sometimes there is an undeniable need (like my Mom & Stepdad’s situation) and sometimes it just sneaks up on us. And even if willingly sought, there are moments of doubt, question and resistance; generally followed by efforts to breathe deep, close eyes and take the inevitable leap.

Change is tiring. There are usually many, many tasks associated with the change… and roadblocks… and red tape… and more roadblocks. Emotionally and physically exhausted, we trudge through the “to do” list, wishing for it to be behind us.

Hard. Scary. Uncomfortable. Tiring. Yep… if that is what comes with change, you can keep it. But what if we could change, change? Or at least our perspective on it…

Daniel and I have learned that the only thing that we really can control is how we respond and react to situations in our lives. We truly work at changing our perspective on what life throws our way and while some situations remain less-than-peachy, acceptance and a more positive spin certainly helps make the journey more enjoyable. We encourage our clients to do the same. Turn “Hard. Scary. Uncomfortable. Tiring.” into “Exciting. Inspiring. Do-Able….” OK – more than likely it will still be tiring but it will be a GOOD tired!

What change are you facing? Don’t turn away and cower. Lock your eyes on it and be excited for it. Find gratitude in the adventure. And know that someone always has your back. We only have one life to live… make sure you enjoy the journey and fill it to the brim with adventure and not regret.